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Often it can be difficult to determine which level of support or which product will be more suitable for your requirements, especially if you have only recently had abdominal surgery or recently developed a hernia. To make your decision easier Suportx offer a free of charge fitting service for expert advice from trained and certified fitters with over 30 years of experience.

Our skilled fitters carry out assessments either in the privacy of your own home or in clinics if requested by your stoma care nurse and are able to recommend products based on you as an individual to ensure that the best support and maximum comfort can be obtained. A fitting will usually take approximately twenty minutes and can be the difference between a poorly fitted support garment which offers no support to a confidence boosting made to measure support garment which will support the area required.

All our fitters are:
  • Accredited by Consultant Orthotist & Suportx Clinical Director Trained in Health and Safety regulations
  • DBS checked and GDPR compliant
  • Supported by regular Suportx colleague training and development programmes

Suportx fitting staff bring skills from backgrounds in several different caring professions. To ensure all team members are trained to the highest standards within the industry they also undertake an in house training program to ensure they have a thorough theoretical and practical knowledge. This encompasses a working knowledge of the human digestive tract and the common disorders and surgical treatments that can give rise to patients needing our care as well spending time with experienced clinicians who are able to pass on their considerable expertise in treating the patients we encounter.


During the Covid-19 pandemic we are proud to have been able to continue treating our patients, this has required innovation and the development of new skills for our clinicians. We have refined techniques enabling us to carry out remote consultations using phone and video technology. For those patients who still needed or required a face to face consultation we have maintained the highest levels of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), at all times meeting or exceeding NHS specifications. We have also ensured our clinical team had access to Covid vaccinations in line with NHS clinical staff as well as influenza vaccinations each year to ensure that they, and our patients are protected at all times.

To arrange a fitting please complete the request form below, or for any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

    What to expect from a garment fitting

    Our experienced fitters follow a precise and effective process to determine which product would be best suited to your needs.

    The method includes measuring a number of areas of the body whilst you are standing and lying down. Your professional fitter will take various width and height measurements whilst taking into account your personal preferences.

    This information is used to identify the most appropriate garment from a sophisticated product matrix.

    In partnership with the NHS, we are pleased to offer patients a simple, safe and secure consultation via video call. Attend Anywhere is an online service that’s compatible with most devices such as your home computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, and is accessed via the internet from a web browser.

    The fitting process is the same and it allows any of our fitters across the UK to support you, making sure you receive the care and support you need at home, in the shortest time possible.

    Our range

    Each hernia patient we work with is individual and unique. Which is why our range of support garments has been designed and developed to reflect many different medical requirements and lifestyles. The solutions we offer are not limited to those we list on our website, so if you can't find what you're looking for, contact our team to discuss creating a fully bespoke product, made just for you.

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    Designed to help you prepare for choosing a garment with your personal fitter, our questionnaire encourages you to think about various aspects of your medical requirements and lifestyle, all to ultimately help you select the most suitable support garment.

    Request NHS prescription

    Our Suportx hernia support garments are available on prescription. Learn more about the ordering process on our prescription page, which outlines what you can expect as a new or existing patient.

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    Choosing the right garment can be difficult, especially if you are ordering for the first time. Book an appointment with our friendly fitters via AttendAnywhere, the only communication software approved by the NHS, and determine which product to order based on the level of support you require.

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