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VAT Relief on Suportx Garments

We are often asked about VAT relief by customers calling our customer care team. At Suportx we understand how confusing this can be and, as a result, customers do not always apply when making their purchases.

In the UK VAT relief can be applied to products and services designed to personally assist people with a chronic illness or disability.

Who can apply for relief?

Current government advice states that for VAT purposes, you’re considered disabled or have a long-term illness if:

  • you have a physical or mental impairment that affects your ability to carry out everyday activities, for example blindness
  • you have a condition that is treated as a chronic illness, like having a stoma or diabetes.
  • you are terminally ill.

But please note Government advice states ‘you do not qualify if you’re elderly but not disabled, or if you’re temporarily disabled’.

How VAT relief works

The scheme is not based on providing refunds from the HMRC, if you’re entitled to buy VAT-free goods, we simply will not charge you VAT on your purchase.

You do not need HMRC’s permission to declare your entitlement, if you believe you are eligible simply complete and submit our online form, we’ll do the rest. On receipt we will create a new account for you if this is your first order, or simply update your existing suportx account. You will then be recognised by our online shop and shown VAT free prices for the products you wish to purchase when you log in for your next purchase.

It’s worth noting that unlike prescription requests there are no annual limits to the quantity of products you can buy under the VAT relief scheme.

Please allow us sufficient time for us to process your request which is typically completed during our office hours (Monday to Friday 9-5pm). If you need help with the form, which can be completed by a family member or carer please contact us at or phone 0800 917 9584.

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