Breathable Easy Peel Belt

Breathable Easy Peel BeltBreathable Easy Peel Belt

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A flexible and breathable Easy Peel Belt from Suportx with unique enhancements for added comfort.

Made from secure, breathable fabric, the Suportx Breathable Easy Peel Belt provides exceptional abdominal support and unrestricted movement.

Designed to be worn over a stoma pouch, the Easy Peel Belt allows natural output from the stoma, permitting the release of pressure and excess wind when required.

With a choice of depths, the belt’s fabric benefits from unique vents which keeps the wearer cool, whilst the narrow, sculpted back gives peace of mind that the belt will remain in position all day, maintaining the same levels of comfort and support throughout.

  • 15cm, 20cm or 26cm belt depth
  • Supports abdominal muscles, helping to prevent herniation
  • Suitable for all-day wear, allowing unrestricted movement for physical activity such as gardening, DIY, household chores, exercise, mountain climbing, golf and various other sports
  • Reduces the appearance of stoma pouches and hernias, smoothing out the shape of the body without restricting the natural output of the stoma
  • Simple application allows the belt to be put on whilst standing up or lying down
  • Adjustable fastening provides a choice of support level to suit your lifestyle
  • Breathable material allows airflow to avoid heat becoming trapped
  • Release pressure easily with the belt’s double attachment feature
  • Visits to public restrooms become easier, as the stoma pouch can be changed without fully removing the belt
  • Anti-roll elastic ensures waistband stays in desired place throughout the day
  • Belt is fully reversible, allowing it to be worn right hand or left hand
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