Breathable Shorts

Breathable ShortsBreathable Shorts

£14.17 Disability VAT Exemption (ex. VAT)


Functional, secure and discrete support shorts from Suportx. Offering performance and comfortability throughout the day.

Made from breathable, durable material combined with body-conforming technology, Suportx Hernia Support Breathable Shorts are purposely designed to secure the abdominal area and help prevent herniation.

Suitable for use throughout the day, the support shorts flatten the tummy area to reduce the appearance of a stoma pouch while also relieving symptoms and allowing a natural flow into the pouch (if present).

Streamlined for both performance and discretion, the support shorts can be worn underneath clothing, comfortably hugging the legs and bottom area, and are available in various unisex styles.

  • Helps prevent herniation through support of the abdominal muscles
  • Reduces the appearance of a stoma pouch
  • Can be worn over a stoma pouch without restricting the natural output
  • Provides suitable support while engaging in physical activities, including gardening, DIY, household chores, exercise, mountain climbing, golf and various other sports
  • Made from breathable, lightweight material that keeps the user cool and can be worn throughout the entire day
  • Anti-roll elastic ensures waistband says in desired place throughout the day
  • Masculine and feminine designs with no visible panty lines or bulging at the waist
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