Breathable Tube Belt

Breathable Tube BeltBreathable Tube Belt

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The Breathable Tube Belt from Suportx is discreet and body-sculpting, giving the wearer both comfort and confidence.

By giving reliable support to the abdominal muscles, the Breathable Tube Belt prevents herniation and allows the user to enjoy a smooth body shape whilst maintaining a secure hold with its anti-roll technology.

The belt has been designed to accommodate the user’s stoma pouch, keeping it held in place during physical activity without restricting its natural output.

Discretion and privacy are key benefits of this belt, in particular when worn for swimming or leisure activities for which the use of changing rooms is required.

  • 15cm, 20cm or 26cm belt depth
  • Supports abdominal muscles, helping to prevent herniation
  • Suitable for all-day wear without losing comfort
  • Flattens and evens out the body shape, reducing the appearance of the hernia
  • Ideal for swimming by fitting neatly underneath shorts or a swimsuit and holding the stoma pouch securely in place
  • Allows unrestricted movement for physical activity such as gardening, DIY, household chores, exercise, mountain climbing, golf and various other sports
  • Breathable material keeps the user cool by easing airflow through the garment
  • Stoma pouch is unaffected and natural output is unrestricted
  • Anti-roll elastic ensures waistband stays in desired place throughout the day
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