Corsinel StomaSafe Plus

Corsinel StomaSafe PlusCorsinel StomaSafe Plus

£21.00 Disability VAT Exemption (ex. VAT)


Innovative two-layer protection and concealment belt, enabling the wearer to feel secure while living an active and fulfilling life.

Corsinel StomaSafe Plus has been specially developed to provide discreet support and fixation of a stoma pouch without adding compression.

Developed from an innovative two-layer system, the Corsinel StomaSafe Plus support belt conceals the stoma pouch while keeping it away from the skin, reducing the risk and fear of leakage, odours and sounds.

Designed for comfort and performance, the Corsinel StomaSafe Plus is made of soft, breathable material and can be worn effortlessly underneath clothing as a one or two-piece. Recommended during periods of high activity and at night time (for secure fixation while sleeping).

  • Two-layer system reduces the appearance of stoma pouches, offering added fixation support without adding compression
  • Relieves discomfort and prevents leakage, odours and noise
  • Made from breathable, lightweight material that provides suitable support during periods of high or extended activity and while sleeping
  • Can be worn as a one or two-piece
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