Low Waist Male Support Girdle

Low Waist Male Support GirdleLow Waist Male Support Girdle

£73.00 Disability VAT Exemption (ex. VAT)


A soft and stretchy Support Girdle with a choice of embellishments designed for maximum comfort and minimal interference.

The Low Waist Male Support Girdle from Suportx provides multiple options to cater for most medical needs and comfort preferences.

The garment’s fabric applies support only to the areas that need it, allowing unrestricted movement and added peace of mind.

The lower section of the Support Girdle is made from a soft, flexible microfibre material, whilst the upper area benefits from mouldable technology and 4-way stretch.

  • Allows natural output from the stoma to continue without restriction
  • Designed to be worn over a stoma pouch
  • Firmly supports abdominal muscles to prevent a hernia or support an existing one
  • Available in high waist and low waist options
  • Masculine design with the choice of incorporated legs or not
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • Contains fly opening
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